Featured In Healthcare IT News: Modernizing Clinical Placement to Accelerate Clinician Training and Recruitment

Featured In Healthcare IT News: Modernizing Clinical Placement to Accelerate Clinician Training and Recruitment

In a world where healthcare workers are in high demand, the training and recruitment of the next generation of clinical professionals have become a top priority for healthcare organizations. Guthrie White, Chief Executive Officer at QuantumIT, understands that one of the major obstacles in expanding the number of clinical professionals entering the field is the challenge of providing the necessary hands-on experience required for their qualification.

The need for more clinical placements is not only crucial for the education of future physicians, nurses, and clinical professionals, but it is also a way for hospitals, health systems, and other provider organizations to identify prospective employees who align with their organizational mission and culture. The missing pieces of this puzzle are technology solutions that make it more efficient to manage the clinical placement process, and QuantumIT has taken a significant step in this direction.

QuantumIT recently partnered with Ramsay Health Care, the largest private healthcare network in Australia, to enhance the quality of clinical placement experiences across its facilities and bridge the technological gap. The deployment of QuantumIT’s InPlace Network cloud solution has allowed Ramsay Health Care to establish an end-to-end management model for clinical placements that reduces the workload and increases management visibility and risk controls. This solution ensures that all data, from clinical hours to immunization status, is accurate and up to date….

Learn More At: https://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/modernizing-clinical-placement-accelerate-clinician-training-and-recruitment

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