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Who needs our Data Migration services?

Data migration projects are all too often underestimated as managers and staff fail to appreciate their true complexity.
This is why they regularly exceed both time and budget constraints and end up being poorly executed.
Typically, target system vendors are most interested in licensing and consultancy revenue,
and don’t invest the required time and effort into developing a proper, efficient migration solution.
Developers tend to view these projects as simple data movement exercises – but they are so much more than that.

As stakeholders begin to factor in multi-system data sourcing and merging, data validation and data remediation,
source-to-target transformations, data load interfaces, and full end-to-end reconciliation,
the complexity of such projects is finally realised. In addition to this, the need to efficiently develop,
maintain, execute and report on hundreds if not many thousands of migration tasks (feeds, transforms, rules, etc.),
an apparently simple data movement exercise quickly transforms to being a nightmare for the development team,
thereby creating a threat to derail the implementation of the organisation’s newest system.

If this is sounding all too familiar to you and you need some assistance,
or you’ve had the foresight to plan out an impending data transformation project that needs migration experts, then given us a call.


What do we offer?

We have a defined and industry tested data migration methodology that has been successfully implemented on a range of projects and clients.
This is to say that we execute effectively from day one with a solid plan in place prior to commencing. We do not work things out later.

To complement this methodology, we deliver data migration projects using our own purpose-built suite of data migration tools (SMART), which includes frameworks and processing engines for:

  • Data Sourcing (inbound interfaces)
  • Data Validation
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Provision (outbound interfaces)
  • Data Reconciliation

The SMART toolkit is offered at no cost on our delivered projects, for the duration of the assignment. It helps us deliver projects efficiently and successfully, de-risking projects for our clients.
Our consultants understand the way we do things, and quickly adapt to any business in order to extract the information needed to get things moving.


What makes us different?

Our methodologies coupled with the SMART utility provide projects with a powerful delivery combination that centres on automation, iterations and tracking progress.
This enables a clear definition of the scope of the task at the validation stage, and by reporting directly from the operational repository, provides management with unambiguous status monitoring of the migration assignment. This helps validate you have a project with an end date that can be managed.

A migration with iterations will validate automated process, quantify progress, cater for late-arriving business rule changes, and avoid stress at Go Live.

So if you want to perform your data migration right, first time, give us a call.


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