Smart Data Migration

Data warehouse management toolkit

What is SMART?

SMART is a data management product specifically developed for use in delivering data warehouse and data migration projects.
It provides a comprehensive set of frameworks for the configuration and execution of common data management tasks.

The objective is clear; configuration of existing targeted frameworks provides rapid and more accurate results when compared to developing solutions from scratch.

Central to the product is a metadata repository maintaining application metadata for all interfacing source and target systems.
Once captured, this metadata is key to SMART’s advanced levels of automation. For example,
data sourcing modules and staging environments are automatically generated from stored metadata to ensure data capture and maintenance is quick and easy.
Similarly, validation rules can be configured once and run against multiple repositories to identify offending records for remediation.

The utility also includes a complete job scheduling component, allowing for the specification of dependencies that guarantee job execution order,
and ensure minimal end-to-end processing cycle times.
Large and complex data migration cycles can therefore be reduced to a single entry point, aiding in the development of repeatable, testable and reconcilable processing cycles.

Apart from data sourcing, SMART also incorporates frameworks and processing engines to support data validation, cleansing, transformation and reconciliation.


SMART Solution

  • Supports data warehouse and data migration projects, converting data from virtually any source to any target
  • Automated maintenance of centralised metadata repository used to drive all processing.
    Also aids in both the detection of source/target system changes and delivery of impact assessments
  • Incorporates a fully-featured scheduling component to organise and monitor warehouse and migration jobs.
    This simplifies the assignment of schedules and dependencies, and helps provide full end-to-end automation
  • Comprises further data extraction, profiling, remediation, transformation, loading, and reconciliation modules
  • Includes a comprehensive suite of detailed configuration and execution reports, including project status dashboards, and statistical and performance reports
  • Automated and repeatable data migration cycles provide stakeholders with key visibility of the size of the task at hand, and the progress made to date.

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